Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Static 33

Pete Tennant reviews Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd in issue #33 of Black Static. The Case Notes feature includes an interview in which we talk about the fictional town of Skillute and the spirits haunting its residents.

"Along with Brendan Connell’s The Architect, I rate Delphine Dodd as the best novella I read in 2012, and Knock Knock as the best book I read in any category."

"Eventually the story achieves a momentum all its own, rushing headlong to a shattering finale, and the prose, which Miskowski uses with such care and accuracy throughout, in the final pages attains a fever dream intensity, so that we can’t trace any clear divide between reality and the skewed perspectives of the characters, the two blurring into each other, everything viewed through a blood red filter and in the light cast by flickering flames."

-- Peter Tennant

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