Wednesday, June 18, 2008

this restless watching

"I've never been a text person." -- Passenger, Seattle Metro Bus

we're one of the manically multiplying societies
of self-conscious (if conscientious) observers
creeping our way across continents
clogging roads
bobbing on waves
flapping our unflappable wings
at smaller creatures
& always wondering if anyone
notices our specialness

our journals are multicolored and come with perfume folded in
pretty pretty pretty pretty

how weird are we
how would we know

like monsters or actually monsters
stumble-bumming along
looking for friends
by which we mean
those who
resemble admire accept endorse
or otherwise
lick us like mirrors

multilingual people mock us
our obsession w/ no lingo
except our own & even that
strained reduced
to the few symbols needed to say
the few things we say:


we don't have time to learn
a goddamn foreign language
however useful or beautiful
we have to relearn ours
every three years

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