Friday, June 20, 2008

arty blog

My last post was so artistically inclined, I think I should write a few unliterary posts to strike a balance. Yet, still on the writing subject, I'm happy I re-located Joe Boling's review of the Daughters of Catastrophe staged reading, and added an excerpt to the blurbs (on your right & scroll down).

Of all the ways people have described my work, Joe's line about yelling women pleases me most.

Got a rejection note from Weird Tales, which left everyone at my house flabbergasted. I don't know. If they don't want my story, they can't be all that weird. I'll take another stab at it once I finish reading the Stefan Grabinski collection Dark Domain.

OK. All I'm thinking about--besides helping Stuart canvas our part of the precinct for unregistered voters--is writing. And weirdness. How I have only scratched the surface, so far. I realize how intently I have studied being normal, to no avail.

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