Thursday, April 10, 2008

shock room: meow

For some reason I got the idea to photograph my cat watching a film I plan to review. Don't ask… So I was shooting away, and my cat, Bayliss, was mellow about the whole thing. Only it took about fourteen shots instead of one, to electronically capture one image my eye had seen earlier.

Suddenly I became aware of the Obama '08 poster in my window. The blinds here and across the street were open, and I thought how funny it would be to look across the street and see me, Obama booster in baggy pajamas, taking pictures of my cat while he watched Hood of Horror.



grammy said...

What was your cat's review of the film?

S. P. Miskowski said...

He gave two paws up to the movie's second section, about the comeuppance of a trust fund rich white guy who uses his father's good name for unscrupulous purposes. My cat is very political.