Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red Poppies

If you own a Kindle and you like short fiction, you might be interested in my new collection of stories:

Red Poppies
3 Tales of Envy & Revenge
S. P. Miskowski

These are contemporary stories with female protagonists, set in a fictitious yet strangely familiar Pacific Northwest city.

"A Personal Recommendation" is a coveted career boost and a jest offered by a professor and then taken to heart by a student who will do anything to complete her education.

"All We Need From You" details the comic agony of a failed writer tempted by a chance at creative plagiarism.

"Red Poppies" are for a nasty kind of remembrance in the twisted tale of a house cleaner with no ambition, employed and befriended by an unhappy trophy wife.

Read a few excerpts.

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