Monday, September 24, 2007

Jonathan Coulton at Triple Door

Last night Cory and I went to Triple Door and joined two of Cory's friends for the strange and wonderful music of Jonathan Coulton. He performed several crowd pleasers such as "Skullcrusher Mountain," "Code Monkey," and the ever-popular "Tom Cruise Crazy." My favorite was "I Crush Everything," the exquisitely mournful lament of a squid.

Seattle is a good town for Coulton. Cory has been to most of his concerts here, and all of them were packed, including the one at PAX this summer. In our delightfully geeky gamer city, Coulton strikes the perfect chord. (He refers to us as hippie-geeks, and that works, too.) What better audience for a true Internet Superstar?

Many thanks to Cory, for introducing me to the beauty of "Creepy Doll." xx

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