Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Detritus - a new horror anthology

DETRITUS is now available from Omnium Gatherum.

"The impulse to collect springs from deep within the human psyche. Squirrels gather acorns, rats collect shiny things, but only humans assign meaning to the objects they collect.

Detritus is a collection of stories about the impulse to collect, preserve, and display gone horribly wrong."

Detritus Anthology Contributors

Brent Kelly: Ride
Edmund Colell: Shrieking Gauze
Jeremy Shipp: Chewed up
Kealan Patrick Burke: The Room Beneath the Stairs
Lee Widener: Let Them Into Your Heart
L.S. Murphy: The Tick-Tock Heart
Louise Bohmer: Armoire
Mary Borsellino: Shots and Cuts
Michael Colangelo: Arkitektur
Michael Montoure: Heroes and Villains
Neil Davies: Candy Lady
Opal Edgar: Crawling Insect Life
Pete Clark: In His Own Graven Image
Phil Hickes: Mrs. Grainger's Animal Emporium
S.P. Miskowski: The Highest and the Sweetest

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