Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Knock Knock

My supernatural horror novel Knock Knock is now available for Kindle:

With cover design and illustration by Russell Dickerson.

At the center of this novel-length fable are Ethel, Beverly, and Marietta, best friends stuck in the backwater of Skillute, Washington. Their neighbors and families are petty or poor or both; but when these townies warn the girls not to wander into Skillute's dense forest, they mean it. Something evil lurks there. The girls are not convinced. They wander into the woods, and their mistake unleashes a malignant spirit that terrorizes Skillute for the next fifty years.

Something evil has come home.

Knock Knock

The Kindle edition is $3.99. You can read a sample for free, then buy the book if you like it. Guaranteed to cost at least one night of sleep. Happy horrors.

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