Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OCT 31 - NOV 15

a resident artist project
Open Heart Productions
in association with New City Theater

my new friends (are so much better than you)

written by S.P. Miskowski
performed by Morgan Rowe

Shoebox Performance Space
1404 18th Avenue (at 18th Ave and Union)

A teenage girl joins a social network, seeking the popularity that eludes her at school. The girl's mother struggles to find happiness with a family and a career she didn't choose. Meanwhile a family friend discovers that she can be anyone she wants to be online.

Tickets $10

Friday Nov 7 - 8 PM
Saturday Nov 8 - 8 PM

Friday Nov 14 - 8 PM
Saturday Nov 15 - 8 PM

Comments posted by audience members on the Seattle Weekly event page:

"Hey: Do yourself a favor and go see this gem. Sounds a little heavy, but it really is NOT a downer of an evening. The writing and the performance are both crisp and electric. If you go with a friend, expect to talk about it for hours."

"I was very moved by "My New Friends are So Much Better than You" which I saw on Tuesday. The actress, Morgan Rowe, embodied the parts so beautifully and she managed to inhabit each character almost instantly as she moved from one part of the stage to the other. The script was funny and insightful and managed to blur the lines of "right" and "wrong" well enough to leave me thinking about it days later. And that's what good art is supposed to do, right?"

"Make plans to have a cup of coffee after this show because you will want to discuss this provocative new piece and the brilliant performance by Morgan Rowe."

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