Thursday, June 12, 2008

14/48 Wins Mayor's Award

Sometimes good things happen to good people.

Last year I was invited to attend the Seattle Mayor's Arts Awards ceremony. My friend Deb and I had a great time there, and we were quite impressed by the quality of the artistic work recognized. But we both wanted to see more theater represented on the list. So, this year I decided to nominate 14/48 the world's quickest theater festival.

Twice a year these folks bring together artists from all over the city to make theater for two incredible weekends. When you take part in 14/48 you meet fellow artists with whom you might never otherwise cross paths. It is an exciting and inspiring event that all theater lovers in Seattle should attend.

Well, guess what? When it came time to send in my nomination form, I found that a bunch of other artists were nominating 14/48 as well. If you know the people who run 14/48 you will understand why they command that degree of love and respect.

Somebody at the Mayor's Office was listening, because 14/48 won! They will be the recipient of an award that recognizes their enormous contribution to the city and to the community of theater artists.

Yes! Yes! Doing a little dance, now... Yes!

The next 14/48 is in July. You can make a contribution here. Buy your tickets in advance, because this is going to be a big one.

Photo by David Baum, borrowed from 14/48.

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grammy said...


I miss 14/48 dreadfully, being now in exile, and it is sooooo great for them to get this recognition of what they do for the community.