Thursday, February 28, 2008

Suffering Succotash!

Up to this point I have given full credit to Nina Garcia and Michael Kors for their fashion wisdom on Project Runway. I even accepted their decision to let Kit go and allow "Cry Me a River" Ricky to stay. But last night's outcome left me and my fashion friends seething! Of course the most likely ultimate winner will be Christian or Jillian. They're both brilliant at design and craftsmanship. The lining in the jacket Jillian made for the "Art" challenge, alone, should have won an award.

But how in the world could these seasoned pros choose Rami over Chris??????? It is not possible. Chris has grown and has pushed himself to move beyond costume--and he has succeeded. Can YOU make a gorgeous dress that fits and moves perfectly, using safety pins? Or human hair? Who would even think of such a thing? Chris. Not Rami. Chris.

Rami is a woman-draper. He can drape better than anyone. He proves it every week by draping his model--every week--no matter what the challenge is. So, for the competition to make the final three at Fashion Week, Rami creates two OK dresses, one unflattering one, and a truly hideous puffy coat with a quilted belt, and Nina and Michael gush with pride just because he took their advice--for once--and didn't drape!

Ridiculous and unbelievable. I am disappointed as hell. The three looks Chris presented were dark and glamorous and sexy, beautifully made, and fringed with human hair. As Christian would say: "Fierce!"

The worst thing about this is: Now we don't get to see the rest of Chris' collection. I so wanted to see those crimson dresses and jackets on the runway!

Fine. Whatever. See if I ever buy another Little Black Book of Style from Miss Nina Garcia!


David Dust said...

Poor Chris - forced to go back to the Monkey House!

Click here for DavidDust’s Project Runway recap.

Bye…love you…love your hair!

S. P. Miskowski said...

Hilarious! Thank you. My favorite lines: 'Seriously, there is NO other way to describe them, other than “chicken pants”. If Big Bird were a size zero, these would be the pants he would wear.'

I'm reading your recaps from now on.