Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Show Thoughts (Really Random)

Time flies. Ellen and I met yesterday to talk about the show and how rehearsals are going. We covered a few questions and came to an agreement about a couple of remaining issues involving the characters and what drives them, and how best to depict that on stage. But most of the work is done, or almost done, in terms of script interpretation and staging choices.

We have wonderful designers, and a brilliant cast.

I should say: most of MY work is done. The actors continue to rehearse and rehearse. The hope is that by opening night they will own the play. The characters and the lines of dialogue should belong to the actors in performance, so that they are living in the stage moment and not trying to please writer, director, or producer.

So, what does the writer do, when the script is finished? Promote!

It's tricky, however, promoting a show without over-defining it. I want people to know what Daughters of Catastrophe is like, yet make their own discoveries. They don't need to agree with the characters, and they don't have to agree with me. It is a set of stories, not a diatribe.

btw--A character's opinions should be suspect at all times. Many characters are just big fat liars.

My own views are woven into the entire play, rather than one speech, person, or scene. But if a character has one crazy-assed thing to say, you can bet some genius will ascribe that crazy-assed belief to the author. It always happens, at least once.

Oh well. No griping. I guess I should feel lucky I had an 8th grade English teacher who taught me the difference between author, narrative, and character voice. Thank you, Mrs. Massey!