Monday, May 07, 2007

First Rehearsal

Good first rehearsal. The actors read "Paula." Ellen asked if they had questions.

A couple of people pointed out that I (still) have two stray lines of dialogue from the previous draft, in which Paula wrote Personal Ad poems. Since Personals have been done to death and my friend Tonia brought to my attention that people were actually starting to create Personal Poems since I wrote the first draft of this play back in 2002, I decided to update Paula's activities. In weeding out all the old references to Personals, I overlooked two lines.

I'm deleting material that worked when the play was first written. Five years can make a huge difference in our cultural references. Cory likes to point out how many otherwise modern film and TV plots that were once plausible could be unhinged by updating the story to include cell phones. Think how many times you see characters racing to save the day with crucial information. We accept such stories, but I wonder if we are automatically dismissing some of their relevance as we watch.

Anyway, cell phones in. Personals out.

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