Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Praise For Yelling Women

On Tuesday night some of Seattle's funniest women performed in a fundraiser for Mae West Fest. Non-Profit Comedy, featuring Peggy Platt, supported MWF with original stand-up by some of Seattle's best performers at the Comedy Underground, in Pioneer Square.

Thank you to the women of Non-Profit Comedy, whose contribution will help make the June production of "Daughters of Catastrophe" possible. And thanks to Heidi and Ellen, and to Mae West her own self, for inspiration.

The world would be a lousy place without funny, outspoken women.

Which brings me to the meaning behind this blog's description:

"S.P. Miskowski writes plays full of yelling women."

To give credit where credit is due, this is a paraphrase of local online reviewer Joe Boling's reaction to a "Daughters of Catastrophe" reading a few years ago, when the play was still a first draft infant. I think the description still applies. I have done a lot of work on the play since then, but it is guaranteed to be chockfull of yelling women.

Now, some people love yelling women and some people do not. By "yelling" I do not necessarily mean screaming in someone's face-although some of that does take place in DoC. I do mean getting up in someone's face-and that, I think, is what can give even a mighty reviewer a case of the shivers. Because women who have a lot to say, and who actually say it, are a bit scary to anyone who thinks women ought to be nicer than men.

I think men and women are equally nice and equally horrible. And I think that's what feminism is about. The women I put on stage are not your favorite babysitter. They are not what you will see when you go to 99.9% of theatre.

To each her own, of course. Some people love musicals that sweep them away. Some people love drama. Personally, I do not understand why anyone would want to see a play that features nice characters. There are so many nice shows on TV. There is even a women's network and a men's network and a Christian network. You can see whatever you want, if you want nice.

If I go to the theatre and nothing I see makes me unsettled or irritated, if I don't come face to face with something I can't see anywhere else, I feel cheated. It was a wasted evening I could easily have spent doing my taxes.

Anyone who sees "Daughters of Catastrophe" is going to see some blood on the floor and hear some yelling. Because we are not just scratching the surface of this thing called life. We are peeling the skin off it and taking a look inside.

Join me, won't you?

If you want to get an early start, you can make a contribution to Mae West Fest here. On the "designate your donation" line type the show title "Daughters of Catastrophe." Then you can walk up to me at the show and say:

"I made this show happen, and here's what I think of it..."

And I will listen, no matter what your opinion may be, because opinions are wonderful. The enemy is silence.


Jayme said...

tooooo looooonnnnggggg. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Jennjasper said...

Hey S.P.,

As always you are inspirational. So I clicked on and donated to the cause because I feel like yelling. Actually I donated it in memory of my sis Susan who probably needed to yell more.

xoxo jenn